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# food-producing plants in my food forest

Today, I counted the number of food-producing species (fruit trees/nut trees/perennial vegetables, edible leaf-producing trees, aromatic herbs) in my food forest and I listed all species below. I might have forgotten some species and over time, I’ll add new species/cultivars so the list is constantly changing.

This first version of the species list is counted 8 months after beginning the plantation of the food forest. After the species name I added the number of different cultivars. This further increases the diversity of the food forest.

In total, I counted 47 different species and 90 different cultivars. Adding also the non-food producing auxiliary species such as Paulownia, the total number of species becomes 54. This is not a bad score after only 8 months on a surface of +- 1500 m2.

However, I know many food forests with more than 200 different species (though not all edible or tasty). This means that there’s still a lot of potential to increase the diversity of my food forest which I plan to do in the coming years. I plan for example to graft the plum (prunus) rootstocks with nectarine, peach, almond, apricot and other prunus fruits.

I have not reached 200 different species yet but the food forest is already much more diverse than a classical apple monocultural orchard… Here’s the list. I added mostly the English name but sometimes only the latin name as no English name exists.

Food producing plants in the food forest

-paw paw: 0 cultivars, all seeding

-kaki: 2 cultivars

-plum: 3 cultivars

-fig: 3 cultivars

-apple +- 20 cultivars such as Elstar, Idared, Boskoop, Winter banana, grand mere, Grise du Canada, a local Campile variety I grafted myself and more.

-olive: 1 cultivar

-pomegranate: 3 cultivars

-pindo palm: no cultivar, seedling

-Elaeagnus pointilla fortunella: 1 cultivar

-Elaeagnus pointilla amoroso: 1 cultivar

-Elaeagnus umbellata: 1 cultivar

-Elaeagnus angustifolia: 1 cultivar

-Elaeagnus ebbingei: 1 cultivar

-Zanthoxylum simulans ‘Chinese pepper’: seedling

-sea buckthorn: 1 cultivar

-Myrtus molinae elite: 1 cultivar

-prickly pear: propagated vegetatively

-raspberry: 3 cultivars

-gooseberry: 1 cultivar

-black currant: 2 cultivars

-red currant: 2 cultivars

-blackberry: 2 cultivars

-goji berry: 1 cultivar

-asparagus: 1 cultivar

-rhubarb: 1 cultivar

-kiwi: 2 cultivars

-kiwi berry /arctic berry: 3 cultivars

-Chocolate vine (Akebia quinata): 1 cultivar

-feijoa: 1 cultivar

-cherry: rootstock only

-Amelanchier: 2 cultivars

-strawberry tree: wild seedling

-Japanese plum-yew: 1 cultivar

-Gaultheria shallon: 1 cultivar

-hazelnut: 3 cultivars

-bay leaf/laurel: seedling

-grapevine: 2 cultivars

-avocado: 2 cultivars

-prunus tomentosa: 1 cultivar

-cornouiller: 1 cultivar

-strawberry: 4 cultivars

-rosemary: 2 cultivars

-lemon verbena: 1 cultivar

-lavender: 1 cultivar

-nepeta: 1 cultivar

-thyme: 1 cultivar

-Jerusalem artichoke: 1 cultivar

Auxiliary plants in the food forest




-acacia dealbata


-butterfly bush


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