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Spring arrives!

The last three weeks, we had very nice weather in Corsica. Most days were warm, sunny and dry. So dry, that I had to water the just-sown veggies almost all days to guarantee a good germination rate. Moreover, it appears that I have brought the beautiful dry Dutch weather with me... since my arrival in January it has virtually not rained here and the water table of the village's aquifer has been going down significantly the last couple of months possibly impacting the water usage of everyone (included me and my garden) during the summer months. Let's hope that the next weeks will bring a lot of rain!

I calculated that if it rains only 10 mm, this is the equivalent of 30000 L of rain that falls on my garden, showing the incredible value of rain (water catchment). The food forest that I planted during the last weeks would also benefit from rain, especially the shallow-rooting berries and raspberries that at this moment still have a very poorly developed root system. The two pictures below shows a raspberry that I mulched heavily to reduce evaporation of the water in the soil around it.

A nice surprise! The black currants on this picture (and the gooseberries as well) start to make flowers even though they are still very small plants. I do not complain.

Two weeks ago I set up the greenhouse which was extremely helpful. I could finally move all the eggplants, bell peppers and tomatoes that I was growing indoors (under growing lights) to the greenhouse which saved me a lot of space and energy. Moreover, they loved the heat! Most days, the temperature rose to 35 degrees with both doors closed and they grew very well (see picture below).

Below you see a picture of some beet seedlings. I sowed them in the greenhouse but due to the heat, the soil dried out so quickly that I was forced to water them every day... After a few days I decided to move them outside and I believe they are much happier there (being a cool-weather loving crop). They will be transplanted next week.

The arugula, radish and salad mix that I sowed +- 3 weeks ago are doing fine. I think that I will start harvesting the arugula in 10 days. Moreover, I planted a few Nero di Toscane kale and they are taking off beautifully as well. In the left side of the below picture you see some nice strawberries that are happy to have their 'feet' mulched.

Below some happy tomato seedlings.

The main terrace with radish, arugula, salad mix, kale and strawberries.

When I was in Bastia this week, I discovered this beautiful wall right next to the see. A wall of flowers that attracted a lot of honeybees and lizards predating them..

This below picture is taken at a place just 10 min. from my garden. You see in the front the village of Croccicha, The next valleys are the Ampugnani, Orezza and Alesani valley: the heart of la Castagniccia.

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